Saturday, August 30, 2008

Oklahoma State Covers Easily

The Oklahoma State Cowboys crushed the Washington State Cougars today, 39-13.

Mike Gundy is a man, and his team almost scored 40 to cover the -6 spread and give us our first Free NCAA Pick win of the 2008 season.

Check back for more winners throughout the NCAA football season here at Stock Lemon.

Michigan Also A Free NCAA Football Pick

In addition to our two earlier plays, we are adding another Free NCAA Football Pick.

Michigan -3 over Utah

We think Rich Rodriguez and his spread offense will be too much for the Utes to handle in the season opener. The Rodriguez era should get off to a good start today.

The game is a little over an hour away, so get the pick in as fast as possible!

Good luck!

NCAA Football Kicks Off!

The 2008 NCAA Football season kicked off on Thursday, and we've been waiting all summer for some college football action.

Last year, we started posting our betting advice and free picks--free!--after the conclusion of the college football season, but this year we are ready to go on opening weekend. Here are our two biggest Free NCAA Football Picks for the first of many great Saturdays to come:

Fresno State +5 over Rutgers

Oklahoma State -6 over Washington State

We expect Fresno State to surprise Rutgers, but our biggest play is with Oklahoma State. We think Mike Gundy will be screaming, "I'm a man! We won by 40!" after this one.

Good luck and enjoy the gridiron action!

Balogh Gets Chopped From Bears

Back in April, we mentioned the free agent signing of former Montana tackle Cody Balogh by the Chicago Bears. The choice was interesting to us given the fact that Balogh is best remembered for throwing a nasty chop block at an opposing defensive lineman in college, and we felt compelled to let the fine readers here at Stock Lemon to protect their knees if they ever make their way into the Chicago area.

It appears now that Balogh will also be remembered for being released by the Chicago Bears.

The Bears will cut the "Balogh the belt blocker" along with many others in order to reach the 53-man roster limit. Chicago felt its young runners would benefit more from standard, legal blocking techniques to start the season, making Balogh expendable.

While it's sad to see a Stock Lemon favorite like Balogh get chopped, what goes around comes around we suppose.

Monday, August 25, 2008


With the NFL regular season right around the corner, we've been keeping our eye on some of the intriguing headlines around the league.

As we mentioned earlier this week about the NBA, its important to keep tabs on the off-season moves if you really want to be able to pick winners.

The biggest stories of the off-season went something like this:

1. Brett Favre retires from Packers
2. Brett Favre un-retires
3. Brett Favre gets traded to the Jets

The Jets are easily a much better team with Favre at the helm as opposed to Chad Pennington (as are the Dolphins with Pennington), but the biggest surprise might be how little Favre's retirement/tantrum will hur the Packers.

Not only is Aaron Rodgers filling Favre's shoes, he's also wearing his number! Of course, this was just for a drill in practice, but clearly the Packers have moved on and shouldn't expect much of a drop off, if any, this season.

Make sure to continue keeping up to date on the roster moves and injuries in the NFL to ensure that you're fully prepared for the upcoming season. Or just blindly tail us for winner after winner after winner...

Take a look at the BetFirms NFL picks if you want a better chance of beating the weekly NFL odds this season.

Another Great Free MLB Pick

Our Free MLB Picks system is very picky, but we finally have another today. These picks are 14-8 this year, which is 64%, and 7-2 in their last nine.

Los Angeles Dodgers ML -105 over the Philadelphia Phillies

The Dodgers have dropped three straight to the Phils but we like Manny Ramirez and the Boys in Blue to avoid the dreaded four game sweep tonight.

Good luck!

Cash Shark Makes Some Moola

As many of you know, we here at Stock Lemon have now taken over some of the marketing and research for the fine folks over at Cash Shark.

We are now teamed with their on-line money making experts to provide insight on how ordinary people can make extraordinary amounts of money on the internet.

This week, Cash Shark and Lemmy look at making Moola on Check it out here.

Be sure to dive right into the fun with Cash Shark and take a bite out of on-line money making.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Lemmy to Take Over Cash Shark

Back in June, we were happy to tell you about a new on-line money making site called Cash Shark. Now, we are happy to tell you that Lemmy is taking over Cash Shark.

Cash Shark is a site about various creative ways to make money on-line. So far it has struggled to reach its niche audience on the internet since its inception in June, and has called upon us to help them improve their site.

Considering how much we enjoy making you money here at Stock Lemon, our so-called "merger" with Cash Shark should prove to be just as fun.

Friday, August 22, 2008

McCain vs. Obama

The NFL is just around the corner, but none of the upcoming games will be nearly as hard fought and competitive as the presidential race between John McCain and Barack Obama.

With the election fast approaching, we will soon reveal the candidate we feel will become the next President of the United States.

Of course, it's important to remember that we won't base the decision on a preferance for either party, we will simply pick, from a betting standpoint, who has the best odds to win. The only party that matters to us is the one Lemmy throws in celebration for winning this bet.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Top Two NBA Off-Season Moves

Last year our Free NBA Picks went 40-20, which is an impressive 67%. We must admit, that didn't happen by accident.

Our Free NBA Picks system is a complicated formula which ranks teams offensive and defensive performances and determines which spreads have the most value. But as much attention as we pay to the NBA regular season, we pay even more to the off-season. During this time, we get a real solid idea of which teams might surprise the league (and the bookies) in the upcoming season.

That said, here are our two biggest off-season moves that could turn teams around in the NBA.

1. Bucks steal Richard Jefferson from Nets

By getting rid of a bad contract (Bobby Simmons) and arguably a bad player (Yi Jianlian) and adding one of the top small forwards in the game, the Bucks have improved drastically and should be a force to reckon with in the weak Eastern Conference. Despite the addition, they are still likely to fly under the radar due to a horrible 2007-08 season, so there should be plenty of opportunities to win some bucks on the Bucks.

2. Artest the missing piece in Houston

Houston, we have a problem-child. But we also have an extremely talented player. The Kings were nearly forced to part ways with Artest, and the Rockets made a great low-risk, high-reward investment. With the addition of Artest, the Rockets have a big three comparable to the NBA champion Boston Celtics. Artest and Tracy McGrady, along with a healthy Yao Ming, should compete for a spot in the NBA Finals.

USA All the Way to the Bank

For those of you betting on the Olympics (like the judges for most events), there are a few sure bets still on the board. Perhaps none bigger than the team that grabs all of the boards.

LeBron James and the "Redeem Team" steamed-rolled Australia in the quarterfinals, and will next take on Argentina for a spot in the Gold Medal Game.
With just Argentina and the winner of the Lithuania and Spain match-up left to play, the United States should be well on its way to winning it all. Although Argentina took the gold in the 2004 Olympics, we don't foresee them or anyone else stopping Team USA this year.

If any of your bookies are still taking bets on the Red, White, Blue, and Gold, now would be a good time lay some chalk on the favorites.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Free MLB Picks Update

As many of you surely have realized, our new Free MLB Pick system is extremely picky. If you've stuck with us, though, you've probably benefited from playing fewer games yet betting more units on those games.

Since switching to this system, although it can be slow at times, our Free MLB Picks are 14-8, which is 64%. They started a bit slow, but are 7-2 in the last nine. We should have another big play sometime this week.

Stay tuned.

Swimmers and Gymnasts Were Best Bets

If you were looking to bet on Americans in the 2008 Beijing Olympics, your best bets were to lay your money on swimming or gymnastics. In all, five athletes will come back to the United States with at least four medals. Here are the Americans with the most jewelry around their necks.

Michael Phelps, Swimming: 8 Gold; 8 Total
Natalie Coughlin, Swimming: 1 Gold, 2 Silver, 3 Bronze; 6 Total
Nastia Liukin, Gymnastics: 1 Gold, 3 Silver, 1 Bronze; 5 Total
Ryan Lochte, Swimming: 2 Gold, 2 Bronze; 4 Total
Shaun Johnson, Gymnastics: 1 Gold, 3 Silver; 4 Total

Congrats to the American medal winners who won medals, and more importantly, to the bettors who won cash on these home grown athletes. Lemmy is proud.

Phelps' Bettors Take Home Gold

Michael Phelps dominated the 2008 Olympics in Beijing, topping Mark Spitz's seven gold medals in one Olympiad with eight of his own. While Phelps isn't one to gloat, those who bet on him are surely doing victory laps.

He's the hero of the Beijing Olympics -- but Michael Phelps has become the bane of bookmakers. Gamblers have joined Phelps's winning streak with online betting sites reporting a spike in money riding on the U.S. swimmer and higher interest overall from gamblers in the Games. Phelps has been the favourite in all of his races in the Aug. 8-24 Games on various online betting sites, with odds for his victories down to about 5/2 on -- paying out about $40 on a $100 bet.
As it turned out, betting on his freestyle was free money.