Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Betting on Brett Favre's Vikings

Boy, John David Booty got old.

Wait a minute, that's Brett Favre!

Bettors are in a frenzy today as the longtime Packer and one time Jet wore purple for the first time in his career, going against everything that anybody has ever known about football.

So, how can bettors profit off of this move? The obvious answer is that they can't. Those who wanted to bet on the Vikings to win the NFC North or the Super Bowl should have done so while they were debating between Sage Rosenfels and Tarvaris Jackson--knowing the Favre would eventually decide to retire from retirement. (Those same people could also make some coin by re-selling season tickets).

The inevitability of this move made it easy for bettors to get a good price on the Vikings, but for those who didn't make like a gunslinger and pound the Favre-less Vikings, you're out of luck as far as bargain bin prices.

There is good news, though. You can still bet a different team to win the NFC North, and at better odds! We're of the thinking that the Bears or Packers will win this division either way, and in our case, we're glad we held off until Favre signed to make our pick.

Here's a look at the current odds to win the North:

Vikings 31/20
Bears 17/10
Packers 9/4
Lions 15/1

Not bad, but if you're going to play this one, hold off a bit. Wait for the public to hit the Vikings hard in the next few days and you'll get an even better price.

The Super Bowl odds for the NFC North teams look like this:

Vikings 12/1
Bears 15/1
Packers 24/1
Lions 100/1

We wouldn't recommend any of these, as we don't think the NFC North will represent the conference in the Super Bowl, but still. These numbers are just beginning to tempt us. As we said, the coming days should give us even more to think about as the odds on the Vikings to win it all continue to move based on public betting.

To sum it up, if you're looking at betting on Favre's Vikings, take a pass. Unless, of course, you're banking on him retiring again.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Concrete Investment: Real Estate

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Sunday, August 16, 2009

The UFL is Color Blind

We mentioned before that we're excited about the UFL providing us with another football league to bet on, but luckily we didn't bet on the uniforms to make any sense.

The UFL picked it's team names and uniforms last week, and the league wanted to make sure that everyone knows the teams are all operated by the league.

The California Redwoods, New York Sentinels, Florida Tuskers, and Las Vegas Locomotives were all introduced as the first four UFL franchises. Of course, that means that our quest for the Las Vegas franchise to be named the Las Vegas Lemons fell short. Sorry Lemmy!

The uniform colors--green, blue, silver, and black--are the colors of the UFL logo and the jerseys all use the same pattern.

What's more, the California Redwoods, as in red, have lime green uniforms, clashing with their own team name. If you're going to go green, at least go forest green or something similar to an actual redwood tree.

It's a quirky start for what will surely be a quirkly league. Still, it's a quirkly league that we are looking forward to betting on.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Surprise! We'll Take Tiger to Win

You know you're a good golfer when you're a 3/2 favorite in a major and the next best odds are 22/1.

Not that Tiger Woods didn't know he was a good golfer.

Still, at 3/2 odds, we like Tiger to win the PGA Championship this weekend. He hasn't missed out on winning a major since 2004, and we think the PGA Championship will save him this year, as it did in 2007.

Tiger has won the PGA Championship four times in his career, and has won his last two PGA Tour events. After missing the cut at The Open Championship in his last major, we like our chances for a rebound in the last major of the year.

Friday, August 7, 2009

Don't Forget About Our Free MLS Pick

We posted earlier this week about our second Free MLS Pick for Saturday, but since we don't normally post our picks so far in advance, we thought it would be a good idea to "bump" this topic.

Again, the pick is:

New England Revolution +135 over the Los Angeles Galaxy

Good luck!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Brewers Give Our Free MLB Picks a Win!

We haven't had too many Free MLB Picks this summer, as the system cooled off considerably last yaer at this time and we didn't want to go through the same thing this year. We decided to pull the trigger on a pick last night, though, and we were rewarded.

The Brewers beat the Dodgers 4-1 to give us a win in the MLB (and at +134), improving our Free MLB Picks to 100% this month! Hooray!

Due to the success of the pick, we might irresponsibly force out a few more in the coming days out of over-excitement. So stay tuned for that.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

More Soccer! Our Second Free MLS Pick Is In!

We are experimenting with our new Free MLS Picks system and have our second pick in the system this summer.

New England Revolution +135 over the Los Angeles Galaxy

Unlike our last pick, this time we are going with the favorite. The Revolution have value in this game and we are looking forward to hopefully picking up our first Free MLS Pick victory.

The game is not until Saturday, August 8, as this system tends to kick these things out a little earlier than our other systems.

Good luck!

Dusting Off Our Free MLB Picks

We haven't had a Free MLB Pick in some time but we have one tonight.

Milwaukee Brewers +134 over the Los Angeles Dodgers

After Prince Fielder's stalking outside of the Dodgers locker room last night, it looks like the Brewers should be pumped up for the series finale tonight.

Good luck!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Soccer Betting 101

As mentioned earlier, we will soon be back with another Free MLS Pick as we continue to bet on soccer. For those who are new to betting on this game, here are some thoughts on soccer betting.

(In preparing this article, I got some help from online gambling guide, and that’s the reason for the using European soccer and the Premier League as an example.)

Basic Sports Betting: Money Lines and Point Spreads

In most sports, as you probably know, there are two ways of betting on your preferred team. The point spread is the amount of points the favored team needs to win by for a bet on that team to win. For example if Team A is a 7 point favorite over Team B, a bet on Team B would win if Team B won or lost by less than 7. The money line works more like a traditional odds bet. A money line might show a team favored like this: Team A +140/-260 Team B. This means that Team B is a favorite, and to win with Team B you must put up $260 to win $100. Team A is the underdog and to win with them you can put up $100 to win $140.

Problems with Soccer Sports Betting

The low scoring nature of soccer presents some problems for traditional methods of betting. Due to the low goal differential of many games, a goal spread is not practical. Even a team that is far superior to another may win by only one goal, and games often end in ties. This propensity to end in a tie also creates problems for the money line, as in most circumstances ties do not pay either side.

Solution to Sports Betting on European Football

To solve this problem, bookmakers offer a modified money line to soccer bettors. This works exactly like a traditional money line except that unlike money lines in other sports, there is a draw option. For example, a line might read: Manchester United -120 Draw +110 Arsenal +140. This would mean that to bet on Manchester United you would have to put up $100 to win $120. To bet on Arsenal you would put up $100 to win $140, and to bet the draw, you would put up $100 to win $110. Since there is a draw option, bets on either team do not push in the event of a tie as they do in other sports. If the team you bet on does not win outright, you lose.

We hope this helps as we continue to bet soccer here at Stock Lemon!