Sunday, August 16, 2009

The UFL is Color Blind

We mentioned before that we're excited about the UFL providing us with another football league to bet on, but luckily we didn't bet on the uniforms to make any sense.

The UFL picked it's team names and uniforms last week, and the league wanted to make sure that everyone knows the teams are all operated by the league.

The California Redwoods, New York Sentinels, Florida Tuskers, and Las Vegas Locomotives were all introduced as the first four UFL franchises. Of course, that means that our quest for the Las Vegas franchise to be named the Las Vegas Lemons fell short. Sorry Lemmy!

The uniform colors--green, blue, silver, and black--are the colors of the UFL logo and the jerseys all use the same pattern.

What's more, the California Redwoods, as in red, have lime green uniforms, clashing with their own team name. If you're going to go green, at least go forest green or something similar to an actual redwood tree.

It's a quirky start for what will surely be a quirkly league. Still, it's a quirkly league that we are looking forward to betting on.


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