Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Attention Lemmy's Friends

We've got a good number of fellow bloggers listed on our blogroll, making multiple sports and sports betting bloggers friends of our very own Lemmy. 

In order to give more exposure to those blogs updated more frequently, blogs listed under the Lemmy's Friends section on the right hand side of the blog are now listed by those most recently updated rather than alphabetically. 

The only problem is that somehow we managed to screw it up. Many blogs or sites that we had listed (we would guess about seven or so) did not fit the format that would allow for updates and would rather sit at the end of the blogroll, which would be fine if we didn't accidently exclude them from the listing entirely. 

If you are one of those blogs, or any other fellow bloggers interested in a link exchange, or an advertiser willing to pay us big bucks for us to post a link seperate from the blogroll, please contact us at stocklemonblog@gmail.com. 

Monday, March 30, 2009

Some MLB Futures to Ponder

We were looking at some MLB Futures today and saw a couple of frontrunners at decent value. 

As many of you know, since Jenn Sterger became a fan of our Stock Lemon Facebook page, we try tie her in to anything and everything that we do that can even remotely be traced to her, hence the picture of her wearing a Cubs hat. 

This, of course, ties in to this particular post because we really see value in the Cubs odds to win the NL Central. 1/2 odds don't seem like a great value now, but come July you'll be glad you got on the Cubs when you did. 

With the Brewers (11/2) likely to fall from the high brought on by last year's Wild Card appearance, we see the Cardinals (3/1) as the only real threat for the NL Central crown. In the end, the Cubs are just too good to let either of these teams take the division. We're not saying they'll win it all this year, in fact we'd strongly persuade you not to make a bet that crazy, but the division should be all theirs. 

Meanwhile, the AL East appeals to us as well. The division boasts the three headed monster that is the Red Sox (7/5), Rays (5/1), and Yankees (6/5). After being the odd team out last year, the Yankees made some major free agent upgrades--and for once spent their money wisely. We like the Yankees to get back to the playoffs via the division crown. 

We don't have a system to support us in these predictions, just, we think, a little common sense.  

Sunday, March 29, 2009

We're Learning!

Well, folks, it looks like we've finally figured out how to automatically post the content from this here blog onto our feed on Twitter

So go ahead Tweeters, follow us on the newest social networking craze around!

No Plays Today

We were hoping we would have another Free NCAA Basketball Pick in the tourney today, but unfortunately, that isn't the case. 

As you all know, we don't force picks if they don't fit the system--though we might give an exception and at least post our leans in the Final Four. 

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Villanova Gives Us Another Win

Villanova took a thriller from Pittsburgh, hitting the game-winning shot with half a second left to advance to the Final Four and cover the +2 spread. 

Stay with us as our Free NCAA Basketball Picks continue to hit during the NCAA Tournament. 

An Elite Free Pick

As we continue to title our posts based on what stage of the NCAA Tournament we're in, we have on more Free NCAA Basketball Pick today. 

Villanova +2 over Pittsburgh

Pittsburgh is playing with house money the way they've been winning games, and we liked this one when we saw that it showed value in our system. Villanova should prove too much for the Panthers.

Good luck!

Friday, March 27, 2009

How Sweet it Was

Oklahoma advanced to the Elite Eight tonight, winning their Sweet Sixteen match-up against Syracuse tonight, 84-71. 

By doing so, the Sooners covered the -1 spread, improving our Free NCAA Basketball Picks to 8-7 (or 9-6 depending on when you got on one of our last games) during the NCAA Tournament. 

One Sweet Pick Today

As the NCAA Tournament's Sweet 16 rolls on, we finally have a new Free NCAA Basketball Pick. 

Oklahoma -1 over Syracuse 

Good luck!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

No March Madness Plays Today

As you probably could have guessed, we didn't have any NCAA Tournament plays fit our Free NCAA Basketball Picks system today. 

It looks like there should be a game or two tomorrow, so be sure to stop back.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Make That 64% For Our Hot Free NBA Picks

If we advertised our Free NBA Picks as being 60% in 2009, you had to know we were going to pimp them as being 64% after the Timberwolves covered the +10 spread in a 96-88 loss to the 76ers. 

We were getting a little nervous toward the end there, but Minnesota managed to pump us up to 7-4 on the calander year. 

60% Free NBA Picks Look to Stay Hot!

Even though we've only bet on 10 games in 2009, we'll still pimp our 6-4 Free NBA Picks as being hot. Pretty cheap ploy, but such is the life of an online gambling advice website that offers free picks. 

So, on to improving that impressive 60% mark...

Timerwolves +10 over the 76ers

Good luck!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Missouri Covers For Some, Not For Us

We warned you that we would complain about this. 

Earlier today, we bet Missouri -4 1/2 over Marquette. Later, we noted that the line was down to -3 1/2. 

Missouri beat Marquette. By four. 

83-79 was the final, so our Free NCAA Basketball Picks had another 1-1 day in the Tourney--unless you saw our play and bet on Mizzou later in the day. In that case, congrats on going 2-0!

Xavier Covers All Spreads

No matter what line you got on the Xavier game (we had -4 1/2), they covered it with a 60-49 win over Wisconsin in the NCAA Tournament. 

This means are Free NCAA Basketball Picks improve to 7-6 in tournament play, so look out!

Some Line Movement

We took both Xavier and Missouri at -4 1/2 last night, and, would you look at that, both lines have gone the other way. 

Xavier got to -3 before tipoff against Wisconsin, and Missouri is down to -3 1/2 and counting with the return of Dominic James looming for Marquette. 

The lesson here? Well there really isn't one. We just wanted you to know that we'll be whining about this later if our Free NCAA Basketball Picks for today's tournament action don't cover by a point.

Sunday's Tourney Action

The NCAA Tournament continues, as do our world famous 6-6 Free NCAA Basketball Picks!

Here are Sunday's plays:

Xavier -4 1/2 over Wisconsin

Missouri -4 1/2 over Marquette

Good luck!

OK is OK!

Oklahoma covered the -7 spread and beat Michigan 73-63, giving us... guess what? A 1-1 day!

So, here we are, 6-6 with our Free NCAA Basketball Picks in the tourney thus far, continuing to provide you with the most mediocre picks on the internet! 

We will, of course, have a few more picks for Sunday's action, and hopefully we'll do a little better than .500. 

Stay tuned.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Two Saturday Tournament Plays

So far, our tourney picks went 4-3 on Thursday and 1-2 on Friday, for a nice even 5-5 split. Unfortunately, when you factor in juice, we haven't been winning money on the NCAA Tournament. 

We have two more Free NCAA Basketball Picks in the tourney today to try and change that. 

Washington -1 over Purdue

Oklahoma -7 over Michigan

It's time we start cashing in on March Madness. Good luck!

Utah State Covers

The mighty Aggies gave us a nice Free NCAA Basketball Pick victory in the NCAA Tournament earlier yesterday, covering a +4 1/2 spread in a 58-57 loss to Marquette. 

The rest of the day didn't quite go as well as we hoped. 

Still, today is a new day, and we're hopeful it will be pay day.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Friday Tourney Action

Another day of the NCAA Tournament means more Free NCAA Basketball Picks. 

Utah State +4 1/2 over Marquette

Utah -1 1/2 over Arizona

Florida State -3 over Wisconsin

Our Free NCAA Basketball Picks went 4-3 yesterday, and it looks like these three will be all we have for today. 

Good luck!

4-3 Thursday

To recap our final Free NCAA Basketball Picks in the Tournament on Thursday, Gonzaga barely managed to cover a -12 1/2 point spread and beating Akron 77-64, while Western Kentucky's 76-72 victory over Illinois covered a +5 spread. 

These two wins put us at 4-3 for the day, with more to come today.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Mixed Results Continue

So far, our Free NCAA Basketball Picks for the NCAA Tournament have been less than impressive, but slightly above terrible. In other words, we've gone 2-2. 

Washington beat Mississippi State and covered the -5 1/2 point spread with a 71-58 victory, but California couldn't cut it against Maryland. 

That means we split a couple more games, bringing us to 2-2 on the day. 

One Late Night NCAA Tournament Pick

We've had six picks thus far today in the NCAA Tournament, and we're adding a seventh Free NCAA Basketball Pick for tonight.

Western Kentucky +5 over Illinois

As always, good luck!

Texas A&M Covers, Butler Falls Short

Mixed results from our first games in the NCAA Tournament. Texas A&M took care of a +2 1/2 spread against BYU, beating the Cougars 79-66 for a huge 9/8 upset!

Unfortunately, Butler fell two points short of covering against LSU, preventing us from winning both of our 9/8 seeded games. 

And so, we split the early games. Fortunately, we have at least four and possibly five games remaining today, so there's plenty of time to improve on that 1-1 start for our Free NCAA Basketball Picks.

And the Late Games...

Time for the second half of our Day 1 NCAA Tournament picks. Our Free NCAA Basketball Picks have been hot lately, and they couldn't pick a better time to catch fire. We have three games to add to our first three. 

Gonzaga -12 1/2 over Akron

Washington -5 1/2 over Mississippi State

Clemson -5 over Michigan

Good luck!

NCAA Tournament Early Game Free Picks

It's here! March Madness, the real NCAA Tournament, finally gets underway today. We'll have a few picks on the early games and probably another handful on the later games, so be prepared. 

Here are the earlier game picks:

Butler +2 over LSU

California -1 1/2 over Maryland

Texas A&M +2 1/2 over BYU

Good luck with this batch of Free NCAA Basketball Picks. We'll have more to come momentarily.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Hooray Oakland

In our first ever Free CIT Pick in the first ever CIT game, we correctly picked Oakland to cover a -4 1/2 spread over Kent State. 

The Grizzlies beat the Golden Flashes 80-74, giving us a nice win yesterday... unfortunately the rest of our Free NCAA Basketball Picks didn't go as well. 

Looks like we should stick with the CIT. 

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Free NIT Pick As Well

We were kind of joking when we said we'd cover every tournament today, but it worked out that we have one Free NCAA Basketball Pick in the NCAA Tournament, one in the CIT, one in the CBI, and now one in the NIT. 

We'll see how profitable this is. 

South Carolina -3 1/2 over Davidson

Keep that public money coming in on Davidson. There will be no magical NIT tournament run for last year's underdog. 

Good luck in all four tournaments!

A Free CBI Pick

We're covering all of the tournaments today it looks like. So, onto our Free NCAA Basketball Pick in the CBI. 

Wyoming -2 1/2 over Northeastern

Good luck!

Our First Ever Free CIT Pick

We really didn't expect to have any picks in the CIT, but sure enough, on the opening day of the new College Insider Tournament, we have found solid value with a Free NCAA Basketball Pick. 

Oakland -4 1/2 over Kent State

Good luck and enjoy your obscure tournament action!

Free NCAA Basketball Pick Madness

Who will earn the right to get spanked by Louisville on Friday? It'll either be Morehead State or Alabama State, meeting in the opening round game of the NCAA Tournament. 

And, would you look at that, we have ourselves our first Free NCAA Basketballl Pick of the tournament!

Alabama State +3 1/2 over Morehead State

The one thing everybody seems to want is Morehead, but in this case, we would advise Alabama State. This line seemed a bit off to us right away, and our system confirmed that Alabama State could be favored tonight. 

March Madness is here! Good luck!

More Tournaments To Bet On

Forget about the NCAA Basketball Tournament (just kidding), there are plenty more postseason tournaments to turn to if you don't see value in the Biggest Dance of them all. 

Deadspin just ran a piece about all the obscure tournaments there are now, with the CBI entering the scene last year and the CIT??? playing its inaugural season this year. Truly, March Madness has become absolutely mad. 

Still, though it's a little excessive and we thought that even the NIT was overkill, it is more for us to bet on. We can't say that we will be betting on these tournaments, but hey, it's nice to have options. 

So fill out your NCAA, NIT, CBI, and CIT brackets, and women's too if you're desperate, and check back here at Stock Lemon to find out our take on the games. 

Monday, March 16, 2009

Some Fun Facts About March Madness

So you want to win your office pool this year? Need a little help? We've got a few tips for you on what upsets to take to help you rake in the company money. 

First off, you should know that last year MSNBC projected a productivity loss during the NCAA Tournament of $1.7 billion. Yes, billion with a b. Obviously, when the tournament begins to play during office hours on Thursday and Friday, many employees will be slacking a little bit on their normal office duties--even in an economy that could see them being laid off for doing so. CBS offers games online and via mobile devices, making it that much easier to deceive your boss. 

But it starts much earlier than that. Like today, when you're reading an article on a relatively obscure gambling blog instead of filing those reports. 

Secondly, we should let you know your odds upfront. There are 9,223,372,036,854,775,808 possibilities when it comes to filling out your brackets. That equals 9.2 quintillion to 1 odds on selecting every game perfectly. Have you ever even heard of a quintillion before?

We looked a some 2008 stats from Pregame.com and have updated them for this year, and here's what we found:

  • The 16 seeds are a combined 0-96 in the tournament, up against those mighty 1 seeds in the first round. Plain and simple: don't bet on them. Even if you have an inside tip that the 1 seed is throwing the game, they'll still probably win by accident. Plus, you would be  caught for being involved in the scheme, because seriously, who bets on the 16 seed? Expect them to be 0 for 100 after Friday. 
  • 15 seeds aren't much better. boasting a 4 for 96 success rate. If you're a betting man, which you are because it's March, stick with those terrible 2's. 
  • Combined, 16 and 15 seeds are a whopping 4 for 192, which means you have just over a 2% chance of hitting one of these. Don't get cute. 
  • Everyone knows this one: take a 12 seed over a 5. Over the last eight years, 12 seeds have won 13 of 32 matchups, which is 41%. This means that there's actually a better chance of two 12 seeds winning than just one. At this point, since everybody knows about the 12 seed magic, it's as much a psychological thing as it is factual. Don't you think players and coaches of 5 seeded teams are a little bit more on edge than usual? And don't you think that those players and coaches of 12 seeds have that little extra bit of hope? Not only that, but even when it comes to seeding the teams, don't you think the committee thinks a little bit longer when deciding what a good 5/12 matchup will be? We certainly do. 
  • If you do take a 12 seed, go ahead, take them again. 12 seeds that win in the first round have won more than half of the time in the second round. To be exact, they are 16 of 31, a 52% success rate. Same goes for 10 seeds that you pick to advance past round one. Why stop there? 10 seeds have won in the second round exactly half the time, or 16 of 32 times if you don't reduce your fractions. 
  • Don't pick those high seeds to go to the Final Four. Only 2 of 96 final four teams have been seeded lower than 8. In the last 23 years, no team lower than a 6 has advanced to the Championship game. 
  • One or more 1 seeds have made the Final Four in 20 of the last 24 years, including last year, when all four made it for the first time. When in doubt, stick with the 1 seeds.
Hopefully, these fun March Madness facts will help you make informed decisions when it comes to filling out your brackets and winning your office pools, wasting comapny time and money in the process. Good luck!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Let the Madness Begin!

Ladies and gentlemen, March Madness has officially begun. The 2009 NCAA Basketball Tournament Bracket is officially set, and as always we'll gladly serve as your home for tournament picks and betting. 

Our Free NCAA Basketball Picks are hitting 60% in 2009 and are worth checking out, so make sure to stop on by early and often as we kick off the March Madness festivities. 

Last year, we attempted to bet on every single game in the tournament, just for fun. Certainly, from a profitability standpoint, that's a bad idea. We didn't follow our system or spend nearly the same amount of time analyzing each pick, so while it was fun, it probably wasn't the greatest idea. It wasn't until we went back to our system during the Sweet 16 that our picks started winning routinely, as opposed to winning half of our selections before the Sweet 16. 

This year, we'll take a much more sane approach, and simply bet on the games that our system sees value in. We'll offer our take on some leans and other games as well, but for the most part, the amount of Free NCAA Basketball Picks will be down from last year. 

Regardless, we hope you've printed out your brackets. If not, why not go ahead and print out the official Stock Lemon Bracket, starring Lemmy and a cast of all blank ink to really make your printer happy. 

And with that, let the Madness begin!

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Follow Stock Lemon On Twitter

To ensure that Lemmy keeps up with the times, we here at Stock Lemon try to catch on to any major fad and exploit it for our own personal gain. 

Enter Twitter, the most recent must have for websites, celebrities, and self-absorbed people updating every aspect of their mundane lives.

So, though we began a Twitter feed back in January, we think we might maybe try to possibly update it now, so go ahead and add Stock Lemon to your list of Twittererererers. 

If Shaquille O'Neal can do it, so can Lemmy. 

Bing it On!

Binghamton started the day right with a 61-51 win over UMBC to cover the -5 spread and give us yet another Free NCAA Basketball Pick win in March. 

The Bearcats clinched their first ever appearance in the NCAA Tournament, but more importantly helped improve our 2009 Free NCAA Basketball Picks record to 60% (12-8). Our picks are also hitting 67% in the last 15 games, boasting a 10-5 record in that span. 

Stay with us throughout the tournament for more of these hot picks. Which, by the way, are absolutely free. 

Have a Free Pick With Your Morning Coffee

Good morning Stockleheads, we have one play today with an automatic bid to the 2009 NCAA Tournament on the line. 

Binghamton -5 over UMBC

Tip-off is bright and early at around 11 eastern time, 10 central, 9 mountain, 8 pacific, and probably earlier than that in Hawaii. Hopefully you'll be rewarded for waking up early on a Saturday morning to bet on Binghamton. 

Our Free NCAA Picks have been on a little bit of a roll lately, so now is the perfect time to start checking us out (and adding us to those RSS feeds). 

Good luck!

Friday, March 13, 2009

Stock Orange

We know we usually go by the name Stock Lemon, but in light of the recent play by the Syracuse Orange, we might start going by Stock Orange. 

Even Lemmy has turned into Orangey! 

After a six overtime victory over UConn last night, Syracuse came back to beat West Virginia--in overtime. The Orange won the game 74-69, covering the +6 1/2 point spread and winning us some cash in the process. 

Our Free NCAA Picks are now 11-8 (58%) in 2009, including nine of the last 14 (64%), getting hot right in time for March Madness. More plays should be coming tomorrow, so stay tuned as always. 

Cuse Us

We have just one Free NCAA Basketball Pick tonight, and it might surprise you. 

Syracuse +6 1/2 over West Virginia

We actually think that the 6OT thriller that Cuse played against UConn last night benefits us today, as it pushes the line back in our favor. 

West Virginia is playing some good basketball, but even a fatigued Orange squad will prove to be the better team. 

Good luck!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Thursday's Plays Finish 3-3

Well, we can't say we weren't hoping for better out of our Free NCAA Basketball Picks on Thursday, but in the end we'll reluctantly come to terms with a .500 day. 

Usually, we only play one or two games a night, since it's always better to go 1-0 than it is to split six games, ten games, or 500 hundred games on any given night. We saw a lot of value with our picks tonight though, so we went with all six of them. 

Louisina Tech covered the +1 spread by beating Idaho straight up, 70-62, and finishing off our day with a 3-3 record. Our Free NCAA Basketball Picks are now 8-5 in their last 13 games, which is still a respectable 62%, but we hope to do better tomorrow.  

Good Thing We Added Two More Picks

In a perfect world, you only saw our last post advocating you take Bowling Green and Missouri as our Free NCAA Basketball Picks. In a perfect world, you missed our post just before that. 

In the post before that, we gave you four picks--two of which have lost, one which is headed to overtime, and one which has yet to tip off. 

In a perfect world, though, our most recent post fit right in. Bowling Green knocked off Ohio 74-61, covering a -1 spread. Meanwhile, Missouri took care of the -12 spread in beating Texas Tech 81-60. 

So, officially, we're 2-2 so far with two picks yet to be decided. 

We'll update you when those go final. 

More Conference Tourney Picks Today

In addition to these four picks, we have a couple more Free NCAA Basketball Picks to add for an impressive six-game card tonight. 

Bowling Green -1 over Ohio

Missouri -12 over Texas Tech

Good luck!

Thursday's Conference Tourney Picks

We have four more Free NCAA Basketball Picks, and it looks like we might have a couple more to add. We'll look at the numbers a little closer, but first, here are four games we are already on. 

Pittsburgh -5 over West Virginia

Rhode Island -3 over Duquesne

UTEP +1 over Houston

Louisinia Tech +1 over Idaho

Our Free NCAA Basketball Picks have won five of the last seven, so hop on and ride this hot streak!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Tulane Gives Us Win Number Two For The Day

After Air Force took care of Colorado State earlier today, we were left with two more conference tournament plays on our card today, and went 1-1. 

Unspectacular as that may be, it gives us a 2-1 winning day, which we'll gladly take. 

Tulane beat East Carolina 69-59 to cover a -3 spread and give us our second win of the day, making it five of the last seven for our Free NCAA Basketball Picks

As a commentor so kindly pointed out (rubbed in), our brand new feed via FeedReader boasted a total of zero readers thus far, so we'll just go ahead and assume that everyone has Stock Lemon set as their home page. 

If not, make sure to add us to your feed by checking out the Updates From Lemmy section on the right hand side of the page. As you'll see, to save ourselves embarrassment, we've changed the FeedReader so that it no longer displays the amount of readers that follow us through that method. We'll wait until more people add us to their RSS before throwing that back up again.

Air Force Won

In our early afternoon game today, we picked Air Force +3 over Colorado State and were rewarded. 

Air Force won the game straight up, 71-67, giving our Free NCAA Basketball Picks their fourth win in five attempts and giving us a chance to use that oh-so-clever headline. 

We have two more games tonight, which those of you subscribing to our RSS feed would know. If you haven't signed up for our RSS feed, check out Updates From Lemmy on the right side of the page. Go ahead. Do it.


More Conference Tournament Picks

Wednesday means an explosion of conference tournaments are underway, and we have a few first round picks for you. 

Our Free NCAA Basketball Picks have won three of four and hopefully that will continue tonight. 

Air Force +3 over Colorado State

Tulane -3 over East Carolina

UC Irvine -2 over UC Davis Aggies

Good luck with a nice three-game slate today!

Attention Advertisers!

We don't normally do this, but in an attempt to monetize our blog so that prizes can be rewarded for contests and we can improve other areas of the site, we're calling all advertisers on over to Stock Lemon. 

Sportsbooks? Poker sites? Stock tips? Any and everything related to this site is welcome. Our rates can be discussed by e-mailing us at stocklemonblog@gmail.com. 

It's March, and our traffic for the month picks up due to the increase in bettors looking to get in on March Madness with some NCAA Basketball Tournament bets, so now is the perfect time to advertise with us here at Stock Lemon.

So, what are you waiting for?

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Automatic Bids to Look Out For

Many of the mid-major conference tournaments have concluded, meaning the automatic bids for those conferences have been determined. 

The full list of teams dancing to the 2009 NCAA Basketball Tournament thus far can be found here, but we wanted to give you a heads up on a few of the teams that could make some real noise in the tourney. 

Of the twelve teams to qualify so far, here are our favorite three:

1. Gonzaga
This should hardly be considered a surprise. The WCC Champs are making their tenth straight appearance in the tourney, and really haven't needed to win the conference tournament to get in for quite some time. Of course, they won it anyway, and went 14-0 in regular season conference play just for good measure. They are one of the most legitimate programs of all the mid-major schools, and should advance past the first round for the first time in three years.

2. Virginia Commonwealth
From the Colonial Conference comes VCU, who ride a five game winning streak and a very convincing win over George Mason into the tournament. Something about this team just has us believing that VCU will turn a lot of heads during March Madness.

3. Siena
Though we still think that Niagara is playing better ball at this point (at least on a neutral court), the Metro Atlantic champs aren't exactly pushovers. The Saints are no strangers to the big dance, either, and their experience could help them wreak havoc on your brackets in just over a week. 

Look out for the mid-majors this year, that's all we're saying. Especially, especially, especially these three. 

Don't Miss Any Of Our Picks

Sometimes, though certainly not intentionally, we can't post a play until tip-off is roughly a half hour (or less) away. 

This happened the other night, and we want to make sure that if it does happen again, you won't miss out.

Our solution? Aside from continuing to badger you about bookmarking our site on your personal computer or even setting us as your homepage, we're once again here to promote using an RSS feed to keep tabs on Lemmy.

By clicking on the Feedburner link just below our e-mail address on the right hand side of the page, you can set up a Stock Lemon RSS feed through any popular site, such as Google or Yahoo, ensuring that you receive the latest picks at the moment that we post them. (At least somebody subscribe to a feed, so we don't have to keep staring at "0 Readers").

Additionally, you can now subscribe via e-mail, per request. 

Hopefully these new additions to Lemmy's Updates will help you follow us in a more timely fashion.

Well, Nevermind That

We were under the impression that Danny Granger was going to play tonight for the Pacers, but clearly that was not the case as they lost to the Jazz. 

We actually held off of this play when we found out Granger was inactive, but obviously, since we posted the play and led everyone else to believe we were going to play it, the result is a tally in the loss column for our Free NBA Picks. 

Oh well. Apologies to the members of the Danny Granger fan club, who were led to believe that their idol would take the court tonight. 

Pacers Are the Pick Tonight

Danny Granger is back from injury and our Free NBA Picks system likes the Pacers at home tonight. 

Pacers +3 1/2 over the Jazz

The Jazz have won 11 straight, but we're confident in our system. 

Good luck!

Monday, March 9, 2009

VCU Makes it Three Straight in March

One down, one to go for tonight's slate of Free NCAA Basketball Picks.

VCU covered a -4 spread with a convincing 71-50 victory over George Mason, giving us our third straight victory and giving themselves an automatic bid ito the 2009 NCAA Basketball Tournament. 

These picks are heating up at the right time (March!), and hopefully we can brag one more time before the night is over.

About That World Baseball Classic...

We've received several e-mails over the last few days regarding the World Baseball Classic and who we would bet on. 

For the most part, apathy has prevented us from posting anything about it. 

But ask, and you shall receive (though rarely any books are still taking futures on who will win at this point). 

If we had to bet on the WBC, we would take our home town team, the good 'ol US of A. The United States pitching staff will just wear down the competition, even in such a short tournament. 

Roy Oswalt (pictured above) is just one of the many weapons the USA has on the mound, and the team's depth makes the pitch count limitations less of an obstacle for the US. 

The States opened at about +175 to win the whole thing, and as they've advanced, you can imagine the line is nowhere near that anymore. 

Still, if you get the chance to bet on the United States head-to-head, that's probably the wisest investment you can make in this tourney. 

Free Conference Championship Picks

We realize the one of these games tips off in about ten minutes, and apologize for such a late post, but that's just another reason to add us to your RSS feed! 

Let the March Madness begin with some Free NCAA Basketball Picks. Four NCAA Tournament spots are on the line tonight and we have picks on two of those games. 

Virginia Commonwealth -4 over George Mason 

Niagara +4 over Siena

We feel like the public is still riding George Mason based off their impressive Final Four run a couple of years ago, but Commonwealth is the play tonight.

Also, as you might recall, we correctly picked Niagara to beat Sienna earlier this year at -3 (they won by 15), and we'll gladly take them at +4 tonight. 

Good luck!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Back-to-Back Winners in NCAA Basketball

It looks like our Free NCAA Basketball Picks are heating up just in time.

Marquette and Pittsburgh combined for 165 points as Pitt took care of Marquette, 90-75. 

If you're scoring at home, that's 19 more than the over of 146 that we needed.

Hopefully, we'll have another pick sometime soon as we go for three straight in college hoops.

Right on Cue

Just when we were publicly complaining to ourselves (and anyone who would listen) about our lack of picks lately, our Free NCAA Basketball Pick system shows nice value on a game tonight. 

Marquette/Pittsburgh OVER 146

It feels good to dust off the system and warm this baby up for March Madness. Our numbers, though dusty, indicate that this Big East showdown should be a shootout tonight, and our numbers don't lie. Unless they're wrong. 

In this case, we think, and hope, that they're right. 

Good luck!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

What Month is it?

It's March.

For the latter part of February, we've been talking about how excited we are for March Madness and the start of the 2009 NCAA Basketball Tournament. 

Three days into March, and we've had no plays, or even posts, to signify any madness. 

Don't worry, though. We're still excited and we're still going to offer you great coverage of March Madness and the tournament, but we're simply not in the business of forcing plays. 

If it doesn't fit our system, rarely will we even suggest that we have a lean one way or another. 

So stay with us. We know it's March. We're excited. We just haven't had any plays yet this month. Hopefully that will change soon.

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