Monday, March 30, 2009

Some MLB Futures to Ponder

We were looking at some MLB Futures today and saw a couple of frontrunners at decent value. 

As many of you know, since Jenn Sterger became a fan of our Stock Lemon Facebook page, we try tie her in to anything and everything that we do that can even remotely be traced to her, hence the picture of her wearing a Cubs hat. 

This, of course, ties in to this particular post because we really see value in the Cubs odds to win the NL Central. 1/2 odds don't seem like a great value now, but come July you'll be glad you got on the Cubs when you did. 

With the Brewers (11/2) likely to fall from the high brought on by last year's Wild Card appearance, we see the Cardinals (3/1) as the only real threat for the NL Central crown. In the end, the Cubs are just too good to let either of these teams take the division. We're not saying they'll win it all this year, in fact we'd strongly persuade you not to make a bet that crazy, but the division should be all theirs. 

Meanwhile, the AL East appeals to us as well. The division boasts the three headed monster that is the Red Sox (7/5), Rays (5/1), and Yankees (6/5). After being the odd team out last year, the Yankees made some major free agent upgrades--and for once spent their money wisely. We like the Yankees to get back to the playoffs via the division crown. 

We don't have a system to support us in these predictions, just, we think, a little common sense.  


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