Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The NFL Lockout Will Destroy Our Profit Margin

Let's get this out there so that people know which side of the fence we are on during the NFL lockout: we are against it. That's right, we are taking a stand and officially stating that we are against the NFL cancelling 2011 games. Those are the kind of bold proclamations you've come to expect here at Stock Lemon.

Why would we miss the NFL? Let's take one last look at our 2010 Football betting records from this season, profitable with both our Free NFL Picks and our Free NCAA Football Picks.

Free NFL Picks
Week 1: 5-1
Week 2: 6-1
Week 3: 4-4
Week 4: 3-3
Week 5: 4-3
Week 6: 3-3
Week 7: 2-2
Week 8: 3-0
Week 9: 0-2-1
Week 10: 3-2
Week 11: 3-1
Week 12: 2-1
Week 13: 2-1
Week 14: 1-3
Week 15: 1-2
Week 16
: 1-1
Week 17: 3-1
Wild Card: 2-0
Divisional: 2-0
Conference: 0-2
Super Bowl: 1-1
Overall: 51-34-1... 60%

Free NCAA Football Picks

Week 1: 5-4-1
Week 2: 8-4
Week 3: 3-6
Week 4: 4-7
Week 5: 3-6
Week 6: 5-2
Week 7: 5-3
Week 8: 5-3
Week 9: 5-0
Week 10: 3-3
Week 11: 1-7
Week 12: 2-2
Week 13: 4-3
Week 14: 2-2
Bowls: 9-1
Overall: 64-53-1... 55%

Ahhh, memories. Now let's make sure this lockout ends so the profits don't.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

It's Preakness Stakes Time

After feeling out this year's crop of horses in the Kentucky Derby, it's time for our favorite leg of the triple crown--the Preakness Stakes. We love the middle child of the group, because fresh off of the Derby, we're able to glean plenty about this year's field.

And this year, we like Sway Away to run away with it. Animal Kingdom isn't going to be the first horse in 33 years to win the Triple Crown, and its run ends today at the Preakness. At 15-1 odds, we're looking to collect a pretty penny from the success of Sway Away.

Full Preakness Stakes odds are below:

1. AstrologySmith15-1
2. Norman AsbjornsonPimental30-1
3. King CongieAlbarado20-1
4. FlashpointVelasquez20-1
5. ShacklefordCastanon12-1
6. Sway AwayGomez15-1
7. Midnight InterludeEspinoza15-1
8. Dance CityDominguez12-1
9. Mucho Macho ManMaragh6-1
10. Dialed InLeparoux9-2
11. Animal KingdomVelazquez2-1
12. Isn't He PerfectPrado30-1
13. Concealed IdentityRussell30-1
14. Mr. CommonsEspinoza20-1

Friday, May 20, 2011

Time For a Free Arena Football Pick

Clearly, playoff hockey is not our thing. All of the good faith we managed with our perfect regular season has been obliterated by our performance in the postseason.

Hence, our movement toward another action packed indoor sport--Arena Football! The NFL may be locked out, but that won't stop us from making money on football. Behold our very first 2011 Free AFL Pick.

Spokane Shock -6 over Tampa Bay Storm

Neither of these proud franchises are off to the start they envisioned, but thanks to an enhanced 18-game schedule, the season isn't over for either sub-.500 squad--particularly the defending champs. We like the Shock to get to .500 tonight, and to do so by more than a touchdown in the high-scoring action.

Good luck!

EDIT: Oops, thanks Thomas!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Free NHL Playoff Picks WILL Bounce Back Part 2

We WILL eat our words from our previous emphatic post.

After a perfect mark in the regular season, our Free NHL Picks are 0-2 in the playoffs. In both cases, we've picked favorites to win by two, and both times the favorites won... just not by two. So, had we ate a lot of juice, we still could have a perfect NHL record at the moment--but not much more profit than we do now, even with those two losses.

Tomorrow night, we WILL get back on track. Otherwise, we WILL stop capitalizing that word. And this time, we will lay the juice, only because it is manageable.

Tampa Bay Lightning -129 over the Boston Bruins

Good luck!

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Free NHL Picks WILL Bounce Back Tomorrow

Alright, alright. So our impervious Free NHL Picks are apparently vulnerable to the toxic atmosphere of the playoffs. After an overtime loss, our Free NHL Picks are now at a miserable 80%, but we're not taking our pucks and going home. After much deliberation (about a half a month's worth), we're finally ready to jump back into the frozen waters of the NHL. The pick for tomorrow night's Game 1:

Vancouver Canucks -1 1/2 (+180) over the San Jose Sharks

That's right... not only are we picking the mighty Canucks to beat the tired legs of the Sharks (if sharks do indeed have legs), we're picking them to win by two for a healthy payout of +180. We figure this will more than make up for our playoff gaffe resulting in our only NHL blemish in 2010-11.

Good luck, like you need it. These are our Free NHL Picks we're talking about, after all.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Putting Our 100% Accurate Free NHL Picks to the Playoff Test

It's NHL Playoff time, which means we're finally going to dish out another Free NHL Pick. Our puck picks, as you know, have not lost in the 2010-11 season! Nevermind that we've only had four picks all year, we are perfect! In fact, we're willing to bet that we're the only ones on the planet that have bet at least four NHL games this season and have yet to lose. Go ahead, prove us wrong.

After a blemish-free regular season, we're putting it all on the line with some playoff hockey action. There's one game tomorrow night, and wouldn't you know it, we're on it.

Philadelphia Flyers -135 over the Boston Bruins

The Flyers are down a game already in the series, but they have a chance to even it up at home, and with a puck line of just -135, we're all over that juice.

Best of luck!