Saturday, February 28, 2009

Purple Eagles Cover!

We can't say we were 100% confident betting on anyone called the Purple Eagles, but it worked for us this time. 

Niagara beat Siena 100-85, covering the -3 spread and giving us a nice win during February Madness. 

Did anyone else realize that it's almost time for March Madness?

Friday, February 27, 2009

Don't Miss Out On the March Madness Action!

We're trying to remind you as much as possible that March Madness is right around the corner, but it's not because we think you'll forget. 

We just want to make sure that you have your funds so that you're ready to make some cash on March Madness.

Don't just settle for a dinky office pool this year. Make sure that you're in on the sports betting by putting some spare change into a sportsbook. 

So again, don't be caught simply watching the 2009 NCAA Basketball Tournament while others are making money on the games through a sportsbook such as BetUS.

Get in the action and follow us here at Stock Lemon throughout the Madness. 

February Madness

Technically, we can't promote any of our late season college basketball picks as being part of March Madness until Sunday. 

That said, we have some February Madness for you with a Free NCAA Basketball Pick.

Niagara -3 over Siena

Tip off is about a half hour away, and we apologize for the late post. Still plenty of time to get on it, though. 

Good luck!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Always Trust Stephon Marbury

When Stephon Marbury tattooes his head with a potential Free NBA Pick, you'd be wise to heed the advice of his head. 

That's what we did on Wednesday, resulting in a nice cover as the Celtics and Clippers went under 199 points in a surprising 93-91 Clippers win. 

Our Free NBA Picks are now 6-3 (67%) in 2009, so stay with us as they hopefully catch fire down the stretch.

Stephon Marbury's Future Team is the Pick

While Stephon Marbury might not be a Celtic yet after finally fleeing the Knicks, it's only a matter of time. 

So who better to turn to as we look for advice for tonight's Free NBA Picks?

The man who has his Starbury brand tattooed on one side of his head gave us a tip for tonight's game by inking the other side of his dome. 

Starbury's Celtics/Clippers UNDER 199

Our Free NBA Picks are 5-3 (63%!) in 2009, and we hope to build on that record out on the West Coast tonight. 

Good luck!

Monday, February 23, 2009

Our Systems Are Picky

We thought that right about now we'd have multiple Free NBA Picks and Free NCAA Basketball Picks every day, but it certainly hasn't turned out that way. 

Both of our systems have offered very few plays in the past couple of weeks, but we're not going to tweak them in any way just to churn out more plays. We'll take quality over content anyday. 

Hopefully we start seeing more picks in the next few days. Stay with us!

Friday, February 20, 2009

Free NBA Picks Hitting 71% in 2009!

You read that title right--we are continuing to brag about our success in the limited NBA bets we've made this calendar year, ignoring our 2008 struggles. 

Our Free NBA Picks are 5-2 (71%) in 2009, and we hope to continue that success with an over/under tonight. 

Oklahoma City Thunder/Phoenix Suns UNDER 234

Good luck!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Is it March Madness Yet?

It might not be March, but that doesn't mean the NCAA Basketball action can't heat up in February. We have one Free NCAA Basketball Pick tonight, and expect these picks to be much more frequent as we approach the NCAA Tournament. 

Montana -3 over Weber St.

Good luck!

Monday, February 16, 2009

2009 March Madness NCAA Tournament is Near

It's the first Presidents Day for Barack Obama as the new leader of the United States, which reminds us of several things. Mainly, holy crap, we're halfway through February already.

What this means for us at Stock Lemon is that it will soon be March, where we will turn into the main squeeze on 2009 March Madness NCAA Basketball Tournament Bets.

After that, Obama's White Sox and the other 29 teams in the MLB will begin regular season play, and they are already reporting to Spring Training.

So, on this Presidents Day, ask not what Stock Lemon can do for you, but ask what you can do for Stock Lemon. Such as continuing to read our analysis and picks as we head into Spring.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

West Welcomes Us Back With Win

How about that alliteration!

The Western Conference took care of the Eastern Conference in the NBA All-Star Game, 146-119, covering the -3 spread like All-Stars.

Kobe Bryant led the way with 27 points, helping us to a 5-2 Free NBA Pick record in 2009. 

We'll be back to explain where we were, as well as to post some more plays to get you where you want to be financially. Or something like that. 

We're Back!

It's been about a week and a half since we've posted anything, which means we missed the NFL Pro Bowl and much of NBA All-Star weekend.

There's a good reason for our absence, as we'll explain later.

Fortunately, though, we're back in time for the actual NBA All-Star Game.

Western Conference -3 over Eastern Conference

Good luck!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

The Lemmy Channel Moves Into Prime Time

Nevermind the ratings success of the Super Bowl, we've got our own Smash hit right here. Judging by the fantastic comments by yoga and meditation and aftershave balm on our last Lemmy Channel post, we can tell that the readers are just loving The Lemmy Channel, which is why we have moved it into prime time!

This week on The Lemmy Channel, we tell you why you should fade the Milwaukee Bucks, the hometown team up in Wisconsin. 

We also advise The Bucky Channel's readers to stop by and check out our Pro Bowl pick before participating in TBC's 2nd annual Pro Bowl Live Blog on February 8 at 3:30 central time. 

We'll do the opposite here and advise you to participate in TBC's 2nd annual Pro Bowl Live Blog on February 8 at 3:30 central time after checking out our pick here at Stock Lemon. 

Stop on by The Bucky Channel for more on Wisconsin sports as well as, before we forget to mention it, their 2nd annual Pro Bowl Live Blog on February 8 at 3:30 central time. 

It's Pro Bowl Time!

Since we're in the NFL mindset again, we'd just like to let everyone know that Stock Lemon will become your main squeeze for Pro Bowl bets this weekend as the NFL officially concludes it's schedule for the year. 

And by Pro Bowl bets, we mean the spread and over/under, unless we can find any crazy props that interest us, in which case we'll post them for a while before mysteriously deleting them. 

Anyway, make sure to check back this weekend for all your Pro Bowl needs. 

Stock Lemon Deleted Scenes

We'd just like to alert everyone of an enormous gaffe we made earlier, in connection with our Super Bowl prop betting. 

Many of you saw our Last Minute Props post prior to kickoff, when we were convinced that the Cardinals would receive the kick or the Steelers would elect to receive. We also advised that you take the Cardinals to get the first first down, since they were getting the ball first. Duh. 

Shortly thereafter, when we edited the post with an update on the results (both loooooooozzzzers), we must have accidently deleted it rather than re-published it. Obviously, considering that both props lost, we're looking pretty reliable right about now. Something similar also happened earlier in the playoffs, when two of our picks either weren't posted or didn't show up at all (they went 1-1), and that post was not recovered.

Those of you that have followed the site know that everything we post remains on the site, though we usually hate mentioning when we lose and love gloating when we win. Still, every post we've made can be found in the archives, win or lose. 

Thanks to the magic of saved drafts, we've re-published that entry and added another update so that future generations who come across that post are aware of this great tragedy. Thanks again to Bet The Spread for bringing this to justice. 

Really, though, this was all part of our master plan, because now we get to continue talking about Super Bowl prop bets, so everybody wins. Well, unless you saw that post before it was deleted. Then you lost two prop bets. But everyone else wins!

Monday, February 2, 2009

Free NBA Picks Hitting 67% in 2009!

Just don't tell anyone our record is only 4-2. 

Still, 4-2 is a lot better than what we were doing in 2008. In case you missed it, we improved to this impressive 67% record after the Mavericks and Magic scored under 208 points in a 105-95 Mavs win. 

You can probably expect to see a lot more of our Free NBA Picks this month, so stay tuned. 

And remember, they're hitting 67%!!!!!!!!

Free NBA Picks Hope to Fill Super Bowl Void

We've had plenty to talk about lately with all of the Super Bowl prop bets being made, but the game is over and it's time to move on. Enough about the Super Bowl, let's talk... NBA!

Our Free NBA Picks have actually been respectable lately, so we aren't afraid to throw one out there while we still have decent traffic from the Super Bowl.

Magic/Mavericks UNDER 208

Over/Unders are rare in our system, but they've faired pretty well in the past in the few opportunities they get. 

Good luck!

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Oh, And Our Free Super Bowl Pick Covered

With all the attention we've been paying to prop bets, we almost forgot to mention that our Free NFL Pick, or Free Super Bowl Pick, covered. 

The Cardinals almost won it, but they did enough to keep those who took them at +7 happy in their 27-23 loss to the Steelers in Super Bowl 43. Kurt Warner and company hung in there long enough to end our Free NFL Pick season on a winning note.

Here are our Final record for the 2008-09 NFL season. 

Regular Season: 26-18-2... 59%
Playoffs: 5-4... 56%
Overall: 31-22-2... 58%

Remember to come back in August when we dust off the Free NFL Picks for another winning season. 

Super Bowl XLIII Player Prop Bet Results

We pointed you in the direction of six player props in Super Bowl 43, three for the Cardinals and three for the Steelers. We went 2-0 on the team props, but the player props went about as smoothly as the Cardinals rushing game.

Speaking of which, that's where we'll start. We thought the Edgerrin James would rush for over 49 1/2, given that he's been getting over 20 carries a game for the Cardinals in the playoffs. He had just nine carries and 33 yards. 

We thought that Steve Breaston would be held to under 39 1/2 receiving yards. He finished with six grabs and 71 yards. 

Finally, we thought that at the very least, Larry Fitzgerald would have more catches than Anquan Boldin. Unfortunately, this prop applied to more than just the fourth quarter, and Boldin caught eight balls to Fitzgerald's seven, though Fitz had 43 more yards. 

Final talley on Cardinals props: 0-3. 

Fortunately, the Steelers player props went a little better. 

An injured Hines Ward failed to break 69 1/2 receiving yards, finishing with just 43 on two catches and giving us our lone Steeler player prop bet loss. 

In his absence, somebody had to step up, but we didn't think it would be Nate Washington, so we took under 34 1/2 yards. He finished with just 11 yards on one grab late in the game. 

Mewelde Moore didn't step up either, which was fine by us, as we had him combining for less thatn 27 1/2 receiving and rushing yards. His two touches gave him just ten yards. 

Final talley on Steelers player props: 2-1. 

Combined player props: 2-4.

Combined prop bets: 4-4.

So, there you have it. Those are the results of our prop Bets for the 2009 Super Bowl 43. We already can't wait for Super Bowl 44. 

Super Bowl XLIII Prop Bet Results

We rolled out plenty of prop bets for Super Bowl XLIII, offering our take on most, while merely giving you the information you needed to make your own informed wager on others.

Since there was no review on Kurt Warner's tuck-rule style fumble, the game is officially over. The result: Steelers 27, Cardinals 23.

If you've been following us the last couple weeks, though, that's not the result you're most intrested. You're more interested in the results of all these proposition bets we made, and we won't deny you those. Here's a recap of all of our Super Bowl 43 prop bet posts.

Our first post introduced you to the many prop bets available, and while we listed many of the fun props that make Super Bowl prop betting what it is, the post really didn't tell you anything new. So, we didn't lose any bets from that post. Hooray.

Our next post gave some background info on the ever important coin toss, which the NFC won for a near impossible twelth straight year. The Steelers called heads and the result was tails, leading the Cards to win the toss and defer. Again, though, no bets made.

Finally, we actually gave our input on a prop bet, strongly suggesting the over for Jennifer Hudson's National Anthem, originally set at 1 minute 54 seconds. When the prop was immediately bumped up to 2 minutes 1 second following our Youtube research, we weren't so sure. Turns out, Hudson ended up at about 2 minutes 13 seconds, even if she lip-synced. We'll chalk this up as our first prop bet victory. (1-0)

Next up: the Gatorade Shower. Mike Tomlin got a bucket full of lemon-lime (or yellow) Gatorade (or G). If you recall, we advised either clear/water or, at 3/1 odds, yellow Gatorade. Since yellow was the color liquid dumped on the winning coach of the NFC and AFC Championships, it seemed like a good bet. We'll give ourselves credit for this one. (2-0)

We then examined the likely color of Bill Bidwell's bow tie, finding red to be the most likely option, though to our knowledge, he was either not shown or not wearing a bow tie. So call it a... tie.

Lastly, we bet that the game's MVP would thank God following the game. MVP Santonio Holmes really didn't thank anyone until he thanked the interviewer, Dan Patrick, before holding up the trophy and yelling, "This is for you, Pittsburgh." More like pushburgh, since there's no action on this prop.

So, really, we went just 2-0 on some of these fun and crazy Super Bowl prop bets. We'll review the player props momentarily.

Super Bowl XLIII Prop Bets: Last Minute Bets

It's very likely that the Cardinals will choose to receive, while the Steelers will choose to defer. Take the Cardinals to receive the opening kick.

Who will receive the opening kick?
Cardinals -205

Also, they are a good bet to at least get a first down if they get the ball first.
Who will get the first first down of the game?
Cardinals -145

Lay the juice if you have to, these look like solid plays!

UPDATE: Wow. Hopefully, you weren't anywhere near a computer before kickoff, as our information was clearly wrong.

At least the Anthem went over by about three minutes.

We'll be back after the Super Bowl to recap our prop bets, so we'll see you then!

UPDATE 2/4: It's come to our attention that we accidently deleted this post when we tried to edit it with the update following the coin toss. Of course, that makes us long great, and not sleezy at all, considering both of these bets lost.

But here it is in all its glory! When we were doing our recap post we completely forgot about this one since it didn't show up when we were putting the post together, so let it be known that our excellent 4-4 prop record was really 4-6.

Thanks to the folks over at Bet the Spread for pointing this out to us, while the rest of you just sat there like we had a piece of food stuck in our teeth and you didn't want to be the one to tell us. 

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