Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Stock Lemon Deleted Scenes

We'd just like to alert everyone of an enormous gaffe we made earlier, in connection with our Super Bowl prop betting. 

Many of you saw our Last Minute Props post prior to kickoff, when we were convinced that the Cardinals would receive the kick or the Steelers would elect to receive. We also advised that you take the Cardinals to get the first first down, since they were getting the ball first. Duh. 

Shortly thereafter, when we edited the post with an update on the results (both loooooooozzzzers), we must have accidently deleted it rather than re-published it. Obviously, considering that both props lost, we're looking pretty reliable right about now. Something similar also happened earlier in the playoffs, when two of our picks either weren't posted or didn't show up at all (they went 1-1), and that post was not recovered.

Those of you that have followed the site know that everything we post remains on the site, though we usually hate mentioning when we lose and love gloating when we win. Still, every post we've made can be found in the archives, win or lose. 

Thanks to the magic of saved drafts, we've re-published that entry and added another update so that future generations who come across that post are aware of this great tragedy. Thanks again to Bet The Spread for bringing this to justice. 

Really, though, this was all part of our master plan, because now we get to continue talking about Super Bowl prop bets, so everybody wins. Well, unless you saw that post before it was deleted. Then you lost two prop bets. But everyone else wins!


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