Monday, January 21, 2008

Free Stock Pick: STTK

The market was closed today due to the holiday, but judging by the markets overseas, it will be rough riding for stock owners tomorrow. In times like these, the usually risky penny stocks that have struggled in recent months are always a good bet to bounce back and profit. Fortunately, I was lucky enough to find one that has very good short-term and long-term potential according to the recent charts.

Smart-tek Solutions, symbol STTK, is a company that was highly invested in the bird flu market last year, and gained recognition as a result. It reached highs in the $1.70 range last year, and has now bottomed out at $.035 now that the bird flu scare has passed--for now.

There is reason to believe that this company, despite recent sturggles, is ready to bounce back. While still keeping an eye on the bird flu market, the companies security endeavors are what really keeps it afloat, and they have experienced unprecedent growth in that area. While it may not reach the $1.70 level anytime soon, hitting $1 again is not so far fetched.

This is a low risk, high reward stock, and one that I highly recommend purchasing in the near future.

For more information on the company, here's how they describe themselves on their official website, which is linked to above.

Smart-tek Solutions Inc. (SSI) specializes in the design and development of
Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) integration, monitoring and tracking
solutions to meet industry demands. The target market for SSI’s RFID solutions
is the livestock industry by way of total intergraded RFID equipment to aid in
the tracking, recording and monitoring of livestock.

There is growing demand for smart technology solutions from Government agencies as well as the private sector to track, monitor and collect key data to protect livestock producers and limit the potential economic losses from livestock disease outbreaks, such as Bird Flu and Foot and Mouth Disease.

Also, Smart-tek Solutions Inc. through its wholly owned subsidiary, Smart-tek Communications Inc. (SCI) is a market leader in designing and providing the latest, most advanced integrated security, voice and data communication systems.

Located in Richmond, British Columbia, SCI specializes in the design, sale, installation and service of the latest in security technology with proven electronic hardware and software products.

SCI has positioned itself as a market leader in the Greater Vancouver area. Valued customers include major developers, general and electrical contractors, hospitals, Crown Corporations and retail facilities. Projects range from high-end residential and commercial developments to system upgrades and monitoring contracts.

SCI's continued growth and success is a direct result of providing a consistently superior product at competitive pricing to both new and existing clients. SCI's stellar client retention is in itself a testimonial to the overall excellence of the product designed and installed.

Again, this is a strong buy. Smart-tek Solutions should be one of the most surprising and profitbale stocks in 2008.


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