Friday, May 30, 2008

Obscure Athlete Drinking Photos

By now, you've probably all seen plenty of pictures on the internet of professional athletes drinking and partying as if cameras don't exist and nobody will see them enjoying their free time. Many of these images end up on popular sites like Deadspin, but aren't they getting a little old? Forget about, among others, the Matt Leinart house parties or the soft-core porn that is Vince Young partying semi-nude with a bunch of dudes.

What's that? The star quarterback is out partying!?! Booooring. Ever since Joe Namath, NFL quarterbacks have been taking beer bongs and stripping in front of other men (maybe that's just Vince), it's what star quarterbacks are supposed to do.

Fortunately, Stock Lemon has what true fans are really dying to see--pictures of backup position players out partying! So without further ado, we present to you four of the most obscure players in the NFL... getting drunk! For starters, here's New York Giants backup defensive end Dave Tollefson, keeping it real, yo.

Then there's Green Bay Packers punter Jon Ryan, whose had a little too much pale with his ale.
And here's journeyman kicker Dave Rayner, currently with the Miami Dolphins, blending in nicely with some friends.

Lastly, how about Detroit Lions third-string running back Brian Calhoun, getting in the shotgun formation and then, naturally, scoring.

We know you love your "athletes getting drunk" photos out there on the internet, but that's about all the obscurity we can handle. It's always nice to know that even NFL players are really just regular guys who do regular things like consume alcoholic beverages. And gamble.


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