Monday, October 27, 2008

Surprise Monday Night Football Pick

In a game featuring Peyton Manning and the high-scoring Colts offense, one would think an over/under of 41 applies just to Indianapolis.

That's not the case tonight, as the over/under for both teams, combined, is just 41 points. What's even more surprising is that our system shows the under.

Indianapolis Colts/Tennessee Titans UNDER 41

The suffocating Titans D, led by 600-pound Albert Hayneswoth on the line, is a big reason for this under, which is low for a reason. Our Free NFL Picks system also shows a small lean on the Titans -4, but we're passing on that--for now--because it isn't a strong enough play. Stay tuned.

UPDATE: We have determined that the Titans -4 over the Colts does indeed have sufficient value to qualify as a Free NFL Pick. Get on it if you still can, although we realize kickoff is in less than 15 minutes. We apologize for the late update.


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