Wednesday, December 3, 2008

East Carolina Covers At +2 or -2

Earlier today, we posted our first Free NCAA Basketball Pick of the year, taking those mighty Pirates of ECU +2 over UNC Wilmington.

We checked back before tip-off and found some of the craziest line movement that we've seen in just a few hours, all the way from +2 to -2. Either way, hopefully you grabbed East Carolina, who won the game 99-85 to give even the cappers who mysteriously got them at -14 1/2 a victory.

Now that we're tied for the greastest win percentage in the history of NCAA basketball betting at 100%, we should almost call it quits.

Of course, we won't, and we will probably have many more picks to come as the season starts picking up, particularly with conference play.

Until then, enjoy the 100% rate at which we pick college basketball.


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