Friday, September 11, 2009

Ride Our 67% Free NCAA Football Picks!

If there's one thing we love about the beginning of a new season, it's that if we have a good first week, we can advertise our bloated percentage like the capping Gods that we are. Last week's 2-1 performance qualified as a good first week.

While 67% isn't too far fetched for some of our systems, our Free NCAA Football Picks were just 53% last season. Regardless, we're hoping for an even better week this time around to further inflate our winning percentage. Here are our Free NCAA Football Picks that we believe will help us do just that.

North Carolina -5 over Connecticut

Wake Forest -3 over Stanford

Army PICK over Duke

If you recall, we lost last Thursday before going 2-0 on Saturday, so we should be advertising our Free NCAA Football Picks as 100% on Saturdays. Hopefully we'll be able to next week.

Good luck!


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