Friday, February 5, 2010

Stock Lemon's Media Day Recap

As we mentioned earlier this week, we attended our very first media day at the Super Bowl in Miami this year.

As we expected, it was a zoo.

Dwight Freeny's ankle, Hurricane Katrina and the rebuilding of New Orleans, and all of the expected storylines were touched upon. While the spectacle seemed to have somewhat less goofballs this year (maybe moving it indoors scared some off), there were still plenty of people who somehow had less business being at media day than we did.

But our main thought from our first media day experience is this: Those Super Bowl patches look huge on the uniforms. But more importantly: The Colts are going to win the Super Bowl. There is an air of confidence around that team with a focus and energy you can just feel. Nothing against the Saints, but they are in "happy to be here" mode, and while the Cardinals almost won it all last year under those same circumstances, we just don't expect the Saints to outduel the mastermind that is Peyton Manning.

Some more Super Bowl XLIV (44) coverage is ahead as we are just days away from the big game, so stay tuned for more fun prop bets and predictions! If you don't get them from us, be sure to check out Doc's Sports Super Bowl Prop Bets and Super Bowl Odds.

By the way, if you look close enough in that photo above you can almost kind of make out one of our arms. We are famous!


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