Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Giving Thanks For Our Free Picks

We had a little better record this past weekend, going 3-1 in the NFL and a still below-average 2-2 in NCAA Football, but hey, anything to take our minds off of the week prior.

And this week provides another opportunity to forget about the losses we've had and give thanks for the wins, and hope that more are to come.

While you stuff your face with turkey today, stuff your wallet with this Free NFL Pick. Of course, more picks will follow this weekend, but let this fulfill your hunger for betting action tomorrow.

Patriots -7 over the Lions

The Lions have been a tough out on Thanksgiving, but not this tough. The Patriots should come prepared to take down a depleted Lions team fading fast.

And if the Patriots don't come through, at least you'll eat well watching it.

Good luck and happy Thanksgiving!


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