Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Where Should You Fill Out Your Bracket?

March Madness is here, but the big question remains: where should you fill out your 2011 March Madness NCAA Tournament bracket?

There's ESPN, Yahoo, CBS Sports, USA Today, etc., etc.

Basically, there are as many places to fill out your brackets online as there are teams in the tournament. And they, too, keep expanding.

Tougher than picking your 12-5 upset is picking which site(s)--you better fill out more than one--t0 make your picks on.

We know what you're thinking. If only there was a place where we could compare sites and prizes. Yes, if only.

Behold Bankroll Sports' fantastic online database, giving you the scoop on tons of sites and the prizes that each one offers. That oughta clear everything up for you.

Be sure to get those brackets in by Thursday. Even if the "first round" is today, the truth of the matter is that still, nobody cares about four play in games. Except for those with money on them.

Bottom line: put some money on them. We've got your first four picks right here.


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