Sunday, September 4, 2011

2011 Free NCAA Football PIcks Begin Season At 5-1 (83%)

As we warned you, our Free NCAA Football Picks usually start slow. We apologize for the loss in our 5-1 Week 1 Picks.

After a crazy cover Thursday night, our Saturday slate consisted of four games featuring the double-digit spread we usually try to avoid, along with one underdog. And we won four of the five.

As we said after Thursday's game, if this start is any indication (last year we started with 5-4-1 week, or 55.5%, and finished the year at 55%), we're in for a good season. Like 83% good.

Stay with us next week as we roll out the first of our Free NFL Picks (60% in 2010) on Thursday and continue our 83% college football picks. We hope.


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