Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Keep an Eye on the Patriots Line

As Tom Brady limped off the field Sunday, we couldn't wait to see the line for the Patriots next game agains the Jets this week. We figured, with the star quarterback lost for the year in a game that saw his team barely sneak by the Chiefs, the Patriots won't be getting any respect this week against Brett Favre and the J-E-T-S.

We were right.

The Patriots line is +1 1/2 on Bodog, and that will be one to watch for this weekend as we dish out our Free NFL Picks (which were 60% in week one). Keep a close eye on this line, as the public might give the Patriots even more points!

The bottom line is this: the Patriots went 18-1 and earned a Super Bowl appearance last year as a team. Although Brady was a huge part of that, the Patriots still have a great team, and should still be able to beat the Jets.

Brady or no Brady, Favre or no Favre, there's no way we pass up on a chance to take the most dominant team in the league at +1 1/2 over the Jets, who looked shakey at best last week against the Dolphins.

All that the new Pats QB Matt Cassel has to do is chuck it up to Randy Moss, which he proved capable of in Kansas City, and the Patriots stellar offensive line, underrated rushing game, and solid defense should take care of the rest.

When the Patriots steamroll the Jets this weekend, remember to thank us. And Bernard Pollard.


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