Saturday, September 27, 2008

Time For a Blitz

It's the weekend, which means plenty of football, be it NCAA or NFL. With Football comes blitzing, and we've got a blitz for you.

It's The Bob Mantz Blitz, one of many new additions to the Lemmy's Friends section on the right-hand column. We recently found out about this site, and we have to admit, we're hooked. Bob Mantz is a former MMA fighter (and he has the scars to prove it) and runs the Blitz, which, as advertised, offers breaking sports news, opinion, rumor and satire. He also has some nice things to say about us.

So go ahead, check out his site, but consider his fighting background before making any inappropriate comments.

As for us, you might have noticed some changes to the site, aside from the increased blogroll, most noticeably our new lemon-filled header. We've also eliminated some advertising and borders to give the site a cleaner and easier-to-read look.

We hope you enjoy Bob's site as well as the changes we've made to ours, and more importantly, we hope you enjoy what should turn out to be a profitable weekend of football betting.


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