Monday, October 11, 2010

A Profitable Weekend of Football (64%)

We're baaaaaack.

Well, kind of. We finally went another weekend with a winning record in the NFL and college, which mostly just means that our college picks finally came through since our NFL picks have yet to produce a losing record in any week this season.

Even they, though, have been in a bit of a holding pattern as of late, hovering around .500. All told, our weekend of football finished with a 9-5 record (64%), which we'll take. Here's the breakdown:

First, our crown jewel, which we mentioned have been very unimpressive after a hot start. Still more wins than losses, but we just can't seem to get that one extra victory every week. A push in the Green Bay game would have been helpful, but alas, it was not to be. Still, 4-3 is not bad for a bad week.

Free NFL Picks
Week 1: 5-1
Week 2: 6-1
Week 3: 4-4
Week 4: 3-3
Week 5: 4-3
Overall: 22-12... 65%

Our struggling Free NCAA Football Picks are finally back to perfectly mediocre after three straight fade-worthy weeks. A 4-2 Saturday, followed by a Thursday win, gives us hope that they are back on track.

Free NCAA Football Picks
Week 1: 5-4-1
Week 2: 8-4
Week 3: 3-6
Week 4: 4-7
Week 5: 3-6
Week 6: 5-2
Overall: 29-29-1... 50%

Reason for optimism here at Stock Lemon, with a combined football picks record of 51-41-1 (55%). It's not where we wanted to be right now, but we've fought through some rough spots and are looking forward to building on this weekend with more winnings weeks to come. And yes, we've already posted a picture of this Falcons chick. We're sure you won't mind another.


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