Friday, June 3, 2011

More Like Fade Lemon

As you may have gathered, we've been single-handedly giving lemons a bad name by attempting to make bets on sports that we hardly follow.

It hasn't been going well.

What if we told you, all of this was a set up, designed to get our audience pumped up for our re-newed foray into the stock market? Since our last few picks have been so bad, we have to find some way to make money, right?

As we mentioned earlier this week, we'll begin looking at stocks a little further, just like the good old days. We'll still be heavy on sports content, particularly in football season (if there is one), but this is your second warning that the stocks are a coming.

For advertisers representing stock companies, this is your first call to action. We will accommodate you as well here at Stock Lemon. Simply shoot an email to and let us know what you are interested in.

For the rest of you shmucks looking to give us a little cash, the paypal button to the left--despite contrary belief--does indeed work.

Now let's go make some money, be it in sports or stocks.


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