Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Stock Lemon Summer Vacation: The Stock Market

We're notorious for some sporadic posting in the summer months, for a variety of reasons. Usually, we take the summer to work on side projects or continue to learn how to improve our existing product here at Stock Lemon.

This summer, we're taking a vacation again, but this time we're taking you with us as we travel to Wall St.

That's right, we're going back to the basics here. We are, after all, the main squeeze on stocks and sports wagers.

Fear not, sports fans, there will be a few Free MLB Picks sprinkled in this summer, but we'll also unveil some Free Stock Picks for the first time in... let's just say too long (especially considering we still have stocks in our header).

We figured our recent cold streak across multiple sports (hockey, baseball, even horse racing) provided us with a nice opportunity to let you know of our summer plans.

So come with us through the many ups and downs of the market as we find the hidden gems.


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