Saturday, July 2, 2011

Free AFL Pick Win Gives Us Hope For the Summer

We've all but sworn off baseball, and aside from betting on the headline golf events, big horse races, some sporadic tennis matches and the 2011 World Cup, the sports portion of Stock Lemon this summer has--as we warned--taken a backseat to our stock analysis.

But the football-betting high has returned to us for a brief moment. In just our second Arena Football League wager of the year (we were shellacked in our first attempt), we've regained that sense of enthusiasm for sports betting, and have only the obscure sport of indoor football to thank.

The Pittsburgh Power, despite blowing a big halftime lead and committing a comedy of errors, held on to cover a +8 1/2 point spread by a half point in a 62-54 loss to the Orlando Predators, giving us our first Free AFL Pick win of the year (1-1!).

The bottom line is this: we hope you enjoy Free AFL Pick bets, as we plan on rolling more of them out each week, unless and until they begin to go horribly wrong.

For now, we're just going to enjoy paying attention to football again.


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