Sunday, April 27, 2008

Perfect Top Five in the NFL Draft

If you checked in with us prior to the NFL Draft, you might have noticed our mock draft for the first five picks. If you checked in with us after the NFL Draft, you might have noticed we correctly picked all five of them. Hopefully it was in time to make some of you a little bit of money on NFL Draft props. Of course, Jake Long to the Dolphins was already in the books, but four out of four isn't bad, either.

If not, you aren't completely out of luck. We'll be back tomorrow with a Free NBA Playoff Pick we've been waiting all week for.

Unfortunately, Brian Brohm was not the second quarterback selected, as the Baltimore Ravens reached for Joe Flacco and ruined what should have been a sure-thing. We get where the Ravens are coming from, but we still like Brian Brohm's potential... to hold a clipboard as a career backup to Aaron Rodgers on the Packers.

All in all, it was a fun draft, and we hope you came out with as much money in your pocket as Jake Long (above with Roger Goodell) did.


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