Monday, April 21, 2008

Records Update

As posted in the comments section of the last entry regarding our playoff picks:

We did not clarify whether that was a Free NBA Pick or not, and instead assumed that if we didn't mention it as a Free NBA Pick it would not be played as such. That said, we will update our record to include the first game, which we lost. Furthermore, we will not post any plays unless they are strong Free NBA Picks to avoid any excess confusion. Thanks for the comments and we apologize for the confusion. Our last objective is to deceive our readers.

Additionally, as far as the NCAA Tournament is concerned, we used a different formula for the Sweet 16 than we did in the rest of the tournament, being that we were struggling to stay around .500 through the first two rounds. We only posted the Sweet 16 results for that system, but we forgot to include in Lemmy's Resume that it was only the Sweet 16. That has been updated, and likewise, our Playoff Free NBA Pick record will be updated to 1-1.

Again, thanks for the comments. Now let's go take it to the books!


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