Sunday, April 13, 2008

STTK Ready to Make a Move

We've been a little distracted lately due to our success in the sports betting sphere, but as our name implies, we also started our company (and this website) to give smart stock tips.

That said, our first Free Stock Pick was STTK back on January 21, and as we foretold, good things come to those who wait. We recommended buying this stock at $.035, and after a short incline it dipped below that mark. At this time, we urged patience, as this stock just needed to gain momentum behind some of the good press that this company, Smart-Tek Solutions, was dishing out.

This week, the stock hit nearly $.09, an increase of over 150%. If you sold at that time, good for you--you turned a nice profit on this one. If not, though, you can either do so when the market opens today for a gain of almost 80%, or you can wait this one out a little longer and reap the benefits. It leveled off to a close of $.06 on Friday after the big gains in the middle of the week and is still in good shape for the long-term. We've heard from an inside source (someone very close to CEO Perry Law), that Smart-tek Solutions is expecting either a merger or some other type of big news on May 22. Just speculation for now, but something to keep in mind.

The volume still looks good and we like what we see from the charts. If you bought when we originally suggested, it might be wise to sell off half of those shares and ride out the rest. "Play with profit," as they say. If not, this is still a strong buy, as last week was only a glimpse of STTK's true potential.


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