Friday, January 16, 2009

Huskies Give More Credibility To Our 67% Picks

When you've only had two picks in a certain sport all year and your record is 1-1, chances are that whatever you say will be of little to no interest to most people who are betting that sport.

The only way to gain credibility is, quite simply, to win.

With Washington taking care of Oregon 84-67 to cover a -5 spread, they took care of business for us and inch our Free NCAA Basketball Picks one step closer to becoming a credible source.

At 2-1, we can now boast about our college hoops picks as hitting 67% on the year, even if we've only played three games to date.

Like we said, we're expecting these picks to really get going pretty soon, with at least one play a day as we move closer to the the NCAA Tournament, so stay tuned.

Until then, tell all your friends about the amazing 67% picks over at Stock Lemon.


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