Monday, January 12, 2009

Jazz Trying to Save Free NBA Picks

Our Free NBA Picks, as we might have mentioned, started the year off horribly except for when we backed the Cavaliers, who went 3-0 when our system called upon them.

After a short hiatus, our Free NBA Picks returned with a cover by the Utah Jazz. Now, we're trying to make the Jazz our new Cavs. You guessed it, the Jazz are a pick again tonight.

Jazz -10 over the Pacers

Our system happens to see a lot of value in Utah again, so we'll see what happens. For now, keep playing this picks with caution. As we've said before, they really hit their stride in about late January when the sample size of the statistical data we use is sufficient enough to produce some wins. Hopefully, we're approaching that point.

Good luck!


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