Saturday, November 22, 2008

Afternoon Plays Go 2-2-1

Hopefully, you ignored us when we told you to stay tuned for more picks after our first three were posted.

Those first three Free NCAA Football Picks went 2-0-1 earlier today with the following results:

The pick: Rutgers -18 over Army
The result: Rutgers 30, Army 3 (Win)

As expected, Army finally received their blow out.

The pick: Clemson -3 over Virginia
The result: Clemson 13, Virginia 3 (Win)

Sloppy game, but Clemson got the job done.

The pick: Boise State -7 over Nevada
The result: Boise State 41, Nevada 34 (Push)

Can't believe Boise State let this one get so close. We thought those first three picks would be 3-0, but a poor second half by the Broncos changed that.

Then, of course, we had to go and spoil it with two stinkers in consecutive posts. So we're sitting at 2-2-1 with on play pending.


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