Thursday, November 6, 2008

Free NBA Picks Should Be Back Soon

Last year, our world famous Free NBA Picks went 40-20 for a solid 67%, even though they struggled a bit to end the year. So far this year, we've had just two picks, and neither turned out the way we had hoped.

Fear not, however, loyal Lemon squeezers, becauses this trend is very familiar. If you remember last year, our Free NBA Picks got off to a rather pedestrian start before picking it up and going on some amazing runs.

In fact, this site wasn't even created until late December, largely because the system was so sporadic early in the season and there weren't enough plays. A big reason for this is that our system, which is set up in spreadsheet format, relies heavily on the stats from the current season, rather than guessing based on numbers from last year.

Once the sample size on this year's statistics increases, you should see an increase in Free NBA Picks and, we hope, an increase in money in your bank account.


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