Friday, November 21, 2008

Just Vandy

We have confirmed what is now our fourth pick for today's action, to go along with these three.

We made sure to post this seperately for anyone who might quickly check to see if we posted anything new, and not see our updated pick at the bottom of the previous post. Instead, we did it this way so that people will only see this post and miss the previous three plays. Either way, someone will complain. We just can't win... except for with this pick.

Vanderbilt -3 over Tennessee

We thought this line should be higher, and it is climbing at least a half point at some books, but we would take it all the way up to a touchdown if we had to. Vandy has a better football team this year, and at home we don't see this year's match-up with Tennessee being too difficult for them.

Again, more picks might be coming, so make sure to check back later. And we're not just saying that to get more repeat visits to our site, although we won't mind it if you check back every 20 minutes or so just to be safe. You never know what you might miss.

Until then, good luck with the picks we have posted.


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