Saturday, November 8, 2008

Free NCAA Football Picks Stay Hot!

After a mediocre start, we think it's safe to say that our Free NCAA Football Picks are finally meeting expectations.

After another 2-0 week, we've now had five consecutive winning weeks, hitting 70% with a 14-6 record during that span. The picks have had just two losing weeks, although Week 5 should count as about three losing weeks all in one.

We got to 2-0 today thanks to some Pac 10 favorites doing exactly what they were expected to do--and then some. Oregon State crushed UCLA 34-6, laughing at the -7 spread in the process, while Arizona State beat those poor Washington Huskies by a final count of 39-19, covering the -14 spread.

Below is a week-by-week look at how these hot picks have been doing. You can even see where they start to catch fire!

Week 1: 1-2
Week 2: 2-2
Week 3: 3-2
Week 4: 3-1
Week 5: 0-5
Week 6: 1-1
Week 7: 2-1
Week 8: 2-0
Week 9: 3-1
Week 10: 5-4
Week 11: 2-0
Total: 24-19... 56%
Last 5 Weeks: 14-6...70%

As you see we've recovered nicely since that dreadful Week 5, when our system decided to play a cruel joke on us. Without that week, we would be sitting pretty at 63% with a 24-14 record. But since we can't just pretend that week never happened (believe us, we've tried), our only hope is to continue to pick winners as we've done in the last five weeks.

As always, keep checking back for more free winning sports picks, especially as these Free NCAA Football Picks continue an impressive late season run.


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