Thursday, November 20, 2008

Bite Size: Making More Moola

Every so often, Cash Shark will swim on over to Lemmy's land and provide us with some bite sized information about making money online. This happens to be one of those times. Enjoy.

Back in the day, when we had our own website to post such matters on, we told you about, a great site for anyone looking to make just a few extra bucks.

The site starts out by giving you a penny, and you risk that penny in strategic games against others. Sure, it seems like small fish, but if you're looking for a relatively easy way to collect some pocket change, it could be worth a shot. From the website:

Welcome to the world's first Massively Multiplayer Rewards Game (MMRG), an ambitious entertainment project which took more than five years to develop and launch for the world to enjoy. Loosely described, Moola is something like a free super-jackpot game show, which allows anyone to become a millionaire on the internet, rather than watching others do so on TV. Similar to a TV game show, Moola is free and relies on sponsors to enable millions of people to vie for serious amounts of cash and prizes. The method used to facilitate competition is simple yet powerful: Sponsors give small amounts of money to millions of people, and then Moola allows those people to compete against one another so that individuals may win more or less, depending on how well they compete.

That's all fine and dandy, but the reason we bring up Moola is because of a new feature that some folks here at Stock Lemon might enjoy: sports wagering!

Moola has teamed up with Wryer sports prediction, allowing Moola users to use their winnings to legally bet on games. Currently, the limit is four bucks a bet (did we mention this is small fish?), but for those of you who don't bet large units anyway--and we know you're out there--it's worth a shot.


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